About Me

Hello! Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about the mama behind the lens of Abigail Thomas Photography. 

Since I was a very little girl, taking pictures has been a love of mine... with the 110 as my very first camera (you know the one that winds on the bottom). There are dozens of Photomat envelopes in my attic, filled with awful pictures of marigolds, family pets and other not-so-riveting subjects. I realize now how lucky I was to have a mom who supported my hobby.

When our daughter Abigail was born, my passive love for photography really became a little crazy and the camera became almost part of my hand. Having grown up with parents who divorced when I was little, the idea of capturing genuine, happy memories became really important to me. The ability to capture a moment, a smile, a slice-of-life... and almost press pause, saving it forever... became almost an obsession (full disclosure). 

A few years later, Thomas entered the world and again the picture changed. I decided to make the switch from the corporate world to stay-at-home mom... and within a few months I found myself taking my camera to birthday parties and all over town. I couldn't help sharing the joy and love that I was seeing. More than a few times I captured pics of a mom holding hands with her little one and I would run ahead to show her and email it. And so with that... Abigail Thomas Photography was founded.

Needless to say, I am still part paparazzi... and a total annoyance to my kids who are now 6 and 9. I know they'll thank me later... and in the meantime I now share my love with all of you. I hope to meet you soon! 

Photos taken with a remote during summer sessions in Bay Head, NJ. 

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